DSVC 300/200 - Dual Slot Vacuum Chuck ALIGNERS

DSVC aligner has double slots, vacuum chuck, and grippers. The vacuum chuck spins the wafer. The grippers center and lower the wafer from upper slot to the chuck. Robot swaps unprocessed and processed wafers at DSVC aligner to save wafer handling steps and improve system throughputs.

The grippers, with patented soft touch technology, applies constantly monitored force, no stree to the wafer.

DSVC 300 has similar footprint and height that it can directly replace PRI/EQUIP PRE-300 aligners

DSVC 200 is teh 200mm version of the DSVC aligner. Both DSVC 300 and 200 share same mechanical base. They are interchangeable through a conversion kit.


1) Dimensions (mm): 173 x 249 x 159 (h)

2) Weight: 6.0kg

3) Wacuum, 250 Torr max

4) Buffer Station: YES

5) Wafer Diameters: 200mm and 300mm

6) Wafer Thickness (mm): >0.2

7) Notch Repeatability (degree):0.01

8) Z Repeatability (mm): 0.05

9) Typical Align Time (sec): 4.5

10) Buffer Time (sec): 2


Optionally, we offer Cognex Insight 1741/1742 OCR on DSVC 300, which further improves throughputs.

The Cognex Insight 1740 series are capable of reading semi font, Triple, OCR-A, IBM, T7, BC412, and IBM412.

Partical Cleaning Air Blower

A three nozzle air blower can also be attached to DSVC 300 Aligner. The blower helps removing particles from the chamber.

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