DSEG 300 - Dual Slot Edge Grip ALIGNERS

DSEG 300 is a 300mm Edge Grip aligner. It has double slots, with gripper chuck to spin the wafer and lift pins to raise wafer to upper slot. Robot swaps unprocessed and processed wafers at the DSEG aligner to save wafer handling steps and improve system throughputs.

Soft Touch Technology

The gripper chuck, with patented soft touch technology, applied constantly monitored force to prevent wafer from over stress.

Better Repeatability

DSEG 300 can be retroffitted to replace the ASYST EG-300. With gripper finger fixing and mini-scan, customers benefit better repeatability from DSEG 300 than ASYST EG-300

Here shows the 20 repeated laser marks on the wafer. The measures of the average dot spans of DSEG 300 are 46 microns, but the measures of teh average dot spans of ASYST EG-300 are 72 microns.


1) Dimensions (mm): 274 x 256 x 221 (h)

2) Weight: 6.0kg

3) Buffer Station: YES

4) Wafer Diameters: 300mm

5) Wafer Thickness (mm): >0.2

6) Notch Repeatability (degree): 0.01

7) Z Repeatability (mm): 0.05

8) Typical Align Time (sec): 10

9) Max Align Time (sec): 12

10) Buffer Time (sec): 3

11) Unbuffer Time (sec): 3


Optionally, we offer Cognex Insight 1741 OCR on DSEG 300 aligner, which saves ROBOT steps and further improves throughputs.

The Cognex Insight 1740 series are capable of reading semi font, Triple, OCR-A, IBM, T7, BC412, and IBM412.

Marking Dot Inspection

DSEG 300 aligner optionally integrates Marking Dot Inspection optics to inspect accuracies of dot positions, dot counts, and residue in the areas between dots.

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